Believing God is Greater than the Obstacle

Sometimes what you see can really get in your way. And I mean it can slow you down and discourage you to the point of near destruction.

There comes a time to determine to look past what is visible, obvious, and looming. God works in an unseen realm that is infinitely more powerful than the immediately evident.

Take for our example, Moses. Though standing clearly in his way was both the anger of the most mighty earthly ruler and the obvious temptation to stay in Egypt and enjoy tangible riches beyond measure, Moses left Egypt. If circumstances dictate defeat, but God has promised victory, it becomes critical to fix your eyes on the invisible One and refuse to be tripped up by the noticeable. Hear it in God’s own words, “By faith [Moses] left Egypt, not being afraid of the anger of the king, for he endured as seeing him who is invisible” (Hebrews 11:27, ESV, emphasis added).

Let the words resonate in the core of your soul, “He endured as seeing him who is invisible.” Another version declares, “He kept right on going because he kept his eyes on the one who is invisible” (Hebrews 11:27b, NLT).

Will you “keep on going” despite the major obstacles and foreboding details of your life? You can … If your eyes are focused on the unseen. Undetected by the physical eye is the awesome capacity of God who created the universe out of nothing and supports its foundations with His own hand. God is calling you to pray and believe that His invisible power is far greater than both what you can see that is trying to hold you back and what is stretched out before you as an obstruction.

It all goes back to the beginning. Hebrews 11:3 (ESV) proclaims, “By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.” EVERYTHING came from the UNSEEN. By FAITH, we grasp that fact. By the SAME FAITH, we endure NOW. The invisible God who made it all in the beginning is the One making your life what is should be today. The Creator is the Sustainer. Your belief in Him as your Keeper should be as strong as your belief in Him as your Maker. The dynamism that enabled Him to form galaxies out of nothing but His Word is the power that enables Him to accomplish His purpose through your life.

Endure. Do not focus on the challenge. Do not gaze at the hardship. Do not look back at what has been. Determine to see nothing but Him who is invisible and is greater than what seems obvious.

“To the King of the ages, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.” (I Timothy 1:17, ESV, emphasis added)

One Reason It Might Matter to You that God Is Infinite

God is infinite. Although this is an attribute of His that we may not view as having everyday relevance, God’s infinite nature delivers a very real “where the rubber meets the road” kind of hope. If you’ve ever felt you sinned too much, doubted too often, or “driven God crazy” with your shenanigans; you need to process carefully His infinitude.

To be infinite means to be without limits. We are finite. We are limited in many ways – by time, space, energy, brain power, etc. God has no limits or boundaries.

When it comes to His dimensions, they cannot be measured, for He is omnipresent (present everywhere) [Psalm 139:7-10, Jeremiah 23:24]. In terms of knowledge, His is beyond what we can comprehend, for He is omniscient (all-knowing) [Psalm 147:5, Romans 11:33-34]. When it comes to creative power and sustaining strength, He has an endless supply, for He is omnipotent (all-powerful) [Isaiah 40:28, Jeremiah 23:27]. As to time, God never races the clock, for He is eternal and timeless (Psalm 90:1-2, Isaiah 46:8-10).

While all these attributes are vital to realize, let’s focus on the characteristics God shares with us (in the sense that He created us with the ability to express them – even though in a finite manner). Some of the attributes we share with God to a finite degree are love, mercy, justice, truthfulness, patience, etc. When we think of these characteristics, we understand that God possesses them to a boundless degree, while we express them in very limited ways. Since God is infinite, His love is perfect – or absolute. My love is imperfect and skewed.

We rest in the perfect justice of God when compared to the faulty justice of humans. We may make sincere attempts to serve proper justice in our lives and society, but our knowledge is partial and our motivations are tainted. When God serves justice, we are sure it is exactly what is deserved and fitting. (This is one reason we anxiously await the final judgment of God, where everything will be brought to light) [I Corinthians 4:5].

I would like to emphasize now the patience of God. Have you ever barked at someone, “I’ve reached my limit with you!”? Or “I’ve had it up to here” (with our hand at the top of our head)”? Why do we feel and say these things? Precisely because we DO have limits! We are humans – created beings. We are not infinite. Therefore, we reach a point where we become exasperated or even hateful.

Do you realize that God NEVER reaches His limit in terms of patience? He will never scream, “I’ve reached my limit with you!” When a sincere heart comes to him looking for mercy, God’s perfect patience says, “You can come again.” In fact, Psalm 71:3 (ESV) declares, “Be to me a rock of refuge, to which I may continually come” (emphasis added). Yes, continually. People may lose patience with my failures, annoyances, and requests. But God says I may come constantly. Our infinite Lord simply does not grow weary. It’s hard to imagine, but we are limited – even in understanding.

However, remember that while God is unlimited, we are not. He is endlessly patient, but our end will come. Whether by death or His return to earth, a day of final judgment is on the way. Therefore, our decisions matter every moment of every day. Do not take His endless patience for granted, because we have an end.

Go to the Rock of Refuge. Go to Him continually. And sincerely. And thankfully. And now … before your end … not His. (Isaiah 55:6, Hebrews 9:27)