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The posture of every human heart should be one of awe, a life-altering amazement at the God of the universe. When we are immersed in awareness of His power and truth, we are able to live as He intended – confident that His glory will be the end result of our lives and the ultimate outcome of everything. (I Corinthians 15:28)

My prayer is that the devotions of “Living In Awe!” will help us – by the grace of Jesus – to refuse to be consumed by our own selfish desires and a small view of God. Instead, we will realize that God stands ready to give us true satisfaction by sweeping us into His grand plan for the cosmos. I pray we will be caught up in His greatness and realize that peace comes when our hearts are fixed on who He is, for He is great and above all else!

“Let all the earth fear the LORD; Let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him.” – Psalm 33:8

Daily Devotional Book: LIVING IN AWE! – $18.00

Living In Awe!

People are looking for hope and a way out of mundane living. Genuine hope – as opposed to wishful thinking – is based on a real God who superintends all of life. A Jesus-view of reality is critical to grasping the hope we have in God – a hope which enables us to victoriously approach each moment as it comes. Real Life. Real God. Real Hope! transparently deals with the difficult stuff of life and the answer found in Jesus Christ. Shelli Prindle hits reality head on with solid, biblical truth. Her candor, emotion, and firm apologetic approach will lift the core of you to the height for which you were designed.

    “I know few people who have such an absolute passion for the Word of God who also have the ability to make its truth real and livable.” – Jennifer Marsalese Children’s Ministry Director Cornerstone Ministries
    Real Life. Real God. Real Hope! offers the soul a refreshing drink into the reality and truth of God’s Word and its intersection with everyday life. Shelli Prindle insightfully uncovers the precious truths of scriptures while at the same time offers practical application for all who are on the journey of life – and who daily look for hope.” – Dr. David Hegedus Associate Director Association of Christian Schools International

Daily Devotional Book: REAL LIFE. REAL GOD. REAL HOPE! – $15.00

Real Life. Real God. Real Hope!

Straight Up Book Cover

Straight Up is Shelli Prindle’s third devotional book and is the result of numerous hours of study, teaching and preaching. As she prepares messages from the Word of God and then shares them, the Lord causes certain points to pop out to her. These distinct concepts stay in the forefront of her mind and the depths of her heart until she finally writes them down in obedience to God’s Holy Spirit. She can only liken it to childbirth. She labors greatly with the particular truth—studying, praying, and sharing with others—until she finally gets the explanation down on paper in a succinct and straightforward presentation. The written devotion she considers to be the delivery. Her heart is filled with gratitude for the feedback along the way that affirms each devotion’s purpose in particular lives. She prays this compilation will bless your walk with Jesus.

May you receive God’s truth “straight up,” so that your heart and life may be lifted straight up to Jesus!

Straight Up


Explore the reality of Heaven and break down some of the misleading stereotypes that we believe regarding Heaven. “The Heaven Event” is designed for men and women, young and old. It is perfect for unbelievers as they will hear a clear presentation of the gospel.


The Heaven Event DVD


What if the END was really a BEGINNING? What if there’s a PLAN behind all the pain and all the joy, behind all that we know and all that confuses us? What if we had access to the TRUTH about the END? Would you listen if you knew God loves you and has a PLAN? If you are have these questions then you need to watch “The END. (According to God)”! This DVD is designed for men, women, and teens.


The END. (According to God) – DVD

We don’t need more tradition; we need to know the bigness of Christmas from God’s point of view. Christmas is not just a story of history to be celebrated year after year; it is a reality pointing to a future that will be lived out gloriously by those who believe in Jesus and His awesome power and plan!

* Jesus turns things inside out. Though rejected and unable to find a place to lay his head during His first invasion of history, when He comes back again, Jesus will take over all places in order to make them right.

* God’s plan goes on despite any attack of the enemy. Though powerful and wicked Herod did all he could to destroy the Son of God, Jesus and God’s plan continued – but Herod died.

* Though God’s manifest presence was in the cube of the Holy of Holies in Old Testament days, Jesus died to “open up the box” so we could walk in His presence everywhere! A cube unfolds to a cross, and the cube reappears with the New Jerusalem coming down from God one day!


Christmas Outside the Box DVD